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Kasi-Initiatives will enable individuals and groups (both private and public), working together, to create and invest in sustainable innovative initiatives that will benefit all participants. These initiatives will have been thoroughly interrogated on their incubation phase to ensure their sustainability and solution to the need identified prior to incorporation.

Kasi Initiatives offer innovative initiatives in education, investment, environmental awareness and research to name a few. The following represents the current innovative initiatives which are at work at Kasi Initiatives.


The need identified: Kasi-Investment Education through Kasi Investments

This initiative looks at addressing the lack of investment education within the LSM 1-6 group, with the objective of turning that new knowledge acquired by this group into investment/savings within the Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) area. The collaborating partners for this initiative are etfSA and currently in talks with Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and later banks and government departments. The primary focus for this initiative will rotate around Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) as these have been designed to be simple, easy to understand, transparent and to give exposure to a diversified basket of shares listed on the JSE and give the ordinary South Africans access to the JSE. Kasi Initiatives together with Net Wealth Analytics then started what is known as Kasi Investments to channel the affiliation of different investment clubs under one umbrella.


The need identified: Kasi-Manufacturing

This initiative looks at providing a platform where students and individuals (young or old) who are passionate about wood work, can get the opportunity to gain knowledge of woodwork techniques, materials, machinery and finishes in a friendly, fun and safe environment. Secondly create a business that creates modern wooden furniture across different offering at best value and quality for the low to medium LSM group.

The need identified: Kasi-Care An NGO with a twist

Creating an NGO (KASI-CARE) which Kasi Initiatives will use as a vehicle to tackle CSR initiatives that are important to Kasi Initiatives

The need identified: Kasi-Recycling

The need identified: Kasi-InterTravel

The need identified: Kasi-DigiTech


Since the inception, Kasi Initiatives has been a pioneer in the provision of community focused Financial Literacy programmes in the form of Kasi (township) ETP Seminars. During this time, we had partnered with service providers such as etfSA and the JSE. The sole objective behind this initiative was to ensure that we bridge the gap between our communities and access to financial solutions.

Statistics released by the South African Savings Institute (SASI) in 2013 shows that household savings in South Africa is at a meager 1.7% whilst household debt is sitting at a staggering 75.4%. The research also confirms that the above mentioned household savings percentage is way below accepted norm for a developing nation. The research further reveals that only 10% of the current working class will save enough for their retirement to maintain their pre- retirement lifestyle and consumptions. The reason behind these statistics is simply because majority of ordinary South Africans lack investment education and proper financial guidance in terms of savings, investment and retirement planning. Kasi Initiatives is primarily established to help these ordinary people create wealth and save money for their retirement and children, by providing them with investment education, as we believe that education and information is power.

To date KICU has provided KASI ETP Seminars in Soweto, Mamelodi and Midrand (targeting Alexandra and Tembisa). During these seminars, we realized a greater need to have one platform that will serve all of our client’s requirements from education, continuous financial advice to investing. We further realized that financial services industry or sector in South Africa is highly regulated, which then necessitated us to ensure that Kasi Initiatives is aligned to these requirements, most importantly Kasi Initiatives want to bring a superior service in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) Investment, a service that will lead to greater investor protection, greater investment education, create wealth for our clients through smart ways of investing in ETPs and collectively with the growing investment fund, reduce the minimum amount of investment in ETPs. This will mean a far superior service to our entire clients, as more ordinary people will be able have access to invest in the top companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and foreign markets.

 To achieve the above and greater regulatory compliance in what we do and how we do it, we have partnered with a company called Net Wealth Analytics (Pty) Ltd (“Net Wealth Analytics”).

 Net Wealth Analytics (Registration No: 2013/106931/07) is owned and managed by Edward Siweya, a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP License No 45110). Mr. Edward Siweya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from WITS University, he passed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from The University of Free State and has successfully completed the Level One Regulatory Examinations (RE1 and RE5) as prescribed by the Financial Services Board. Net Wealth Analytics and Kasi Initiatives Investments cc will have no conflict of interest with any other provider of financial services and financial products. Net Wealth Analytics holds Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (2002). 

Net Wealth Analytics is authorised by the Financial Services Board (FSP No 45110) to provide financial services in the following categories:

       Long-term insurance category A
       Long-term insurance category B1
       Long-term insurance category C
       Retail pension benefits
       Pension fund benefits (excl. retail)
       Money market instruments
       Collective Investment Schemes

This new collaboration will be called Kasi Investments, a collaboration of Kasi Initiatives Investments cc (Company Registration no. 2010/131792/23) and Net Wealth Analytics (Registration No: 2013/106931/07) services, in providing a total solution to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and Exchange Traded Products Retirement Annuities (ETPRA) investors, wishing to discover, understand, manage and profit from the world of Exchange Traded Products investments. This new collaboration will replace Kasi Investment Club Umbrella (KICU).

Through Net Wealth Analytics, Kasi Investments will make it easy for investors to buy, sell, transfer and switch one or more ETPs via Kasi Investment Scheme®. Investors who invest in ETPs via Kasi Investments’ Net Wealth Analytics will have the investments administered by Automated Outsourcing Services (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSB License No: 650) who will register all ETPs owned by Kasi Investment Scheme® clients under the clients own name on the JSE/STRATE securities register.

Kasi Investments collaboration will provide a wide range of ETP related information and education, including a price ticker of ETP prices; product information and guidance on ETPs including new products; client newsletters; current ETP news; fact sheets and performance and risk data.

It is our pleasure to introduce “Kasi Investments.” Its focus will be on clients, listening to their financial interests, and finally meeting those challenges with financial solutions, services, and resources unmatched in quality and functionality. Through Kasi Investment Scheme® Plan, we would use the collective investment power to drive down investment costs and reduce the minimum investment requirement, no more affiliation fee only management fees will be applicable. And that’s just the beginning. Our Kasi Investments websites is still under construction, once is up and running you will see how we’ve changed. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We’ll do all we can to make your Kasi Investments experience positive. As always, thank you for considering Kasi Investments.

Clients: Affiliates of Kasi Investment Club Umbrella (KICU)

  • Aziye Investment Club (AIC)
  • Family Care Investment (FCI)
  • Man Enough Burial Society (MEBS)
  • Kasi Investment Club (KIC)
  • Diamond Investment Club (DIC)
  • Conglomerates Investment Club (CIC)
  • Black Diamond Investments (BDI)
  • Stock 4 Stock Investment (S4SI)
  • Ipolokeng Burial Society (IBS)
  • Alexandra Spider Web Investment Holdings (ASWIH)
  • Prominence Social Club (PSC)

Many more to come as our  ETP Presentation requests grow daily with majority affiliating to Kasi Investments

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